We Are Thinking Your Health

* In the fried foods, cooked in our restaurant, we are using sunflower oil and it is being changed periodically for your health!

We never use special frying oils (!), which are produced for ready meals and include cholesterol and carcinogen agents as well as used again and again within the frying pans.

* We are not jeopardizing your health for cost-effectiveness!

Margarine, Corns Starch, Glucose Syrup, Fake Spices, Lemon Sauce, Pre-prepared Potato Puree and Béchamel Sauce like fabricated foodstuffs are never used by us. All inputs are being prepared in our kitchen with great care and our hand work.

* We are using vegetables only during their seasons and fresh!

We are not using vegetative kinds, which are out of season and produced with hormones. We are not using products, which are grown with using chemicals within the greenhouse environment and such as eggplants, fresh beans and bell peppers, during winter! Therefore, “Hünkâr Beğendi” is only on our summer menus.

* Lots of kinds of dishes for your healthy meals! We are the only restaurant, which can change its hot dish menu every day.

Do you want to eat the same meal for every lunch and dinner? Meat, poultry, legumes, vegetables, tastes with olive oil and desert after meal... Whatever you want, we have one more different dish for every day!