We Are Cherishing Our Culture

- Do you know the number of Turkish Kitchens in Ankara?

- Turkish Kitchen Restaurants, which are only a few and Capital does not deserve, are waiting for your interests and supports!

- All countries are worldwide advertising their kitchens now. Our country, which has the widest kitchen culture throughout the entire world, is unfortunately curious and wannabe for foreign kitchens.

- Do you think will your future child be able to eat Rice Dishes with Meat, Su Böreği, Rice Dish with Anchovies, Tray Meatballs, Kidney Beans, Stuffed Vine Leaves with Olive Oil?

- If we want to protect our Turkish Meal Culture, we have to protect our tastes, and we should be conscious about Turkish Kitchen and do not let it to alienate.

- Let’s continue to cherish our meal and dinner table culture, which is the most important part of our national culture, together.