Hot Dishes

There are various special meals, which cannot be cooked in our houses, on the winter and summer menus.

Our hot dish menu changes every day.

In our winter menu, there are;
Rice Dish with Anchovy (İşli Tava), Seasoned Celery and Leek Meals, Onion Soup, Winter Vegetables Soup, Seasoned Stuffed Celery, Stuffed Leek, Stuffed Quince with Meat and Stewed Meat.

In our summer menu, you can find different meals, such as:
Summer Vegetables Soup, Hünkâr Beğendi, Maklube, Fresh Bean Dible, Lined Up Meatballs with Eggplant and Calf Axil in the Oven.

Fixed Items of the Menu:
Fried Liver, Pasta in the Oven, Slops Meatball with Lemon and Chickpeas, Cannellini Beans, Chickpeas, Tavern Rice Dish and Rice Dish with Butter.