About Us

She is a taste master!

Owner and chief cook of our restaurant, Jale Musabaşoğlu was born on 1952 in Ordu.

She completed her primary, secondary and high school educations (Ordu Vocational High School for Girls) in Ordu. She was graduated from Istanbul Beyoğlu Professional Institute on 1973.

She obtained her fundamental meal culture from families of her parents; in particular, she was raised with strong meal knowledge and taste of her mother.

Her curiosity about Turkish Meal Culture and Cooking since from her childhood enabled her to gain vast information about these.

She showed a good entrepreneurship example on 2001, and opened the restaurant, to which she gave her name, along with her family and served the taste to everybody’s admiration.

She became a brand within her sector by means of her approach without giving up from traditional, natural taste in Turkish kitchen, as well as always attaching importance to quality during production and serving.

She is still taking care of her cooks in the kitchen and you, honorable customers within her restaurant, which completed 15 years of service…